PDX placenta capsules


Placenta Encapsulation Includes:

  • Same day pickup from birthplace
  • Guaranteed 24-72 hour turnaround
  • Choice of preparation 
  • Choice of capsule (gelatin, vegetarian, mint or grape)
  • Inspection by a Specialist for health and abnormalities
  • Cord keepsake
  • Single use preparation tools (cutting board & knife)
  • Delivery of products to birthplace or home
  • Placenta Encapsulation & Baby Care Guidebook  
  • Personalized recommendations for placenta pill dosage

Methods of Preparing Your Placenta Capsules

Gentle Method

The placenta is cleaned, sliced and dehydrated at 160 degrees. It is then ground into powder and put into your choice of clear gelatin, clear vegetarian, grape or mint capsules.  This method yields the most capsules as it is only dehydrated and not heated.  It is commonly known as the "Raw Method" and is great for boosting energy and balancing hormones. This method is most common as it does produce the most capsules.  $200

Balanced Method

The placenta is cleaned, slightly steamed with warming properties of lemon, pepper and ginger, then dehydrated at 160 degrees. It is ground into a powder and put into your choice of capsule. This method does yield fewer capsules than the Gentle Method because of the added heat of steaming.  Commonly known as "TCM" or "The Chinese Method", it is tonifying and aids those who are sensitive to iron, hormonal supplements or prone to high anxiety .  $220

Half & Half

If you can't decide or want the properties of both methods, you can get half of each method!  $225

Additional Placenta Products 

Add any of the following placenta products to your order to extend the benefits.

Placenta Tincture

Tinctures are always recommended in addition to encapsulation, to offer needed support when capsules are gone (4-6 weeks). Tincture provides the same benefits as the capsules, which are beneficial for all Mamas, and especially for those that struggle with anxiety or depression.  

A small piece of raw placenta is put in 100 proof alcohol, able to be used at 6 weeks, when the capsules are typically all gone. Tinctures have an indefinite shelf life and are an amazing way to preserve the placenta benefits for life for Mama & Baby!

Placenta Encapsulation Portland Oregon

Benefits for Mama

  • Helps keep Postpartum Depression at bay
  • Natural aid for anxiety and mood swings
  • Increased milk supply for breastfeeding years
  • Increased energy
  • Use in stress and to increase immune support
  • Hormonal balance & relief of PMS symptoms
  • Natural hormone replacement in Menopause

Benefits for Baby

  • Supports baby's immune function when ill
  • Offers teething pain relief
  • Future PMS support for baby girls

Placenta Tincture Prices

  • 2 oz $20  
  • 4 oz $35  
  • 6 oz $45    
  • 12 oz $75  
  • Entire Placenta $200 
The tincture provided a more natural and lasting energy/mood boost for those particularly trying days. It also boosted my milk production on those low days.
— Rebecca M. Portland, OR

Healing Birth Salve

This salve is packed full of antibacterial soothing and healing herbs that create a healing salve for the new Mama and Baby. It can be made with or without dried placenta and is a wonderful addition for birth and life with a newborn.

Placenta capsules Vancouver WA

Salve Benefits

  • Speeds healing of perineum & tears
  • Reduces perineal bruising & swelling
  • Soothes hemorrhoids
  • Amazing natural diaper cream!
  • Healing for eczema & baby pimples
  • Lessens cesarean scarring & itching
  • Heals everyday cuts, burns, bites & rashes

Handmade with all Organic Ingredients: Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Coconut oil, Comfrey leaf, Calendula Oil, St. Johns Wort and Lavender. 2 oz $15      4 oz  $25

This healing salve felt SO SOOTHING on my healing lady parts after birth! I can’t thank you enough!
— Abby T, Portland, OR

Placenta encapsulation in Gresham, Porltand Oregon

Placenta Print

A beautiful way to remember the first connection between Mama & Baby. Natures "Tree of Life" printed on acid free paper ready for a frame or just preserved for your baby memory box.  $5

Why Hire a Specialist?

As trained, Certified Specialists in the Vancouver and Portland Oregon area, Baby Nest commits our practice to the highest medical safety standards to ensure the health, safety and quality for each of our clients. We have been trained in placenta abnormalities and can diagnose when placenta encapsulation is not in the best interest for the Mother.  Not all Encapsulators are Certified Specialists.  Our certification ensures that your health and safety are our top priority so you can fully trust the process of encapsulation with confidence.


Certified Placenta Specialist Vancouver Washington and Portland Oregon
I’m so glad I had you encapsulate my placenta! My mood leveled out as soon as I started taking the capsules. I was having lots of ups and downs before and noticed a big difference. They also kept my energy level up! Thank you!
— Tamara B. Portland, OR Mama

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