The following guidelines are what is included in the Client Contract to ensure a safe encapsulation.


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Baby Nest Placenta Services Client Information

  • When placenta is ready, call or text us at (360) 525-3432 between 7am and 10pm to arrange for a specialist to pick up that day.
  • The placenta can remain at room temperature for 3-4 hours following the birth but it is recommended to refrigerate or put it on ice as soon as reasonably possible. Improperly handled placentas are susceptible to spoilage.
  • It is up to you to ensure the placenta is properly chilled until your specialist arrives.
  • A disposable cooler bag is required for transport. Please no styrofoam. The hot/cold silver freezer bags are found in grocery stores in freezer aisle.
  • If you are not able to contact us within 4 days of the birth, freeze the placenta until you are ready for pickup.
  • We encapsulate on a first born, first served policy. Encapsulation and delivery takes 48 hours on average for a refrigerated placenta. A frozen placenta may take additional time so that it can be safely thawed.  

Hospital Birth Guidelines

Remind your care providers upon arrival that you plan to keep your placenta and remind them again during the pushing stage.

Put placenta in your prepared cooler and ask nurse to fill with ice.  Make sure there is always ice in the cooler until we arrive.  It can stay cold for an entire day, as long as ice has been refilled.

Some hospitals will store your placenta in a fridge.  Confirm this is NOT pathology!  WE CANNOT ENCAPSULATE IF THE PLACENTA GOES TO PATHOLOGY.

Some hospitals require that the placenta is released within 2 hours of birth.  In this case, you will sign the waiver and have them release it to you.  Keep it in the cooler bag with ice and just put with your personal belongings or in your car until we arrive.  As soon as the hospital releases it to you, they are not liable - which is why they implement the 2 hour restriction.

Home Births & Birth Centers

Have your midwife put placenta in their container, labeled with your full name.  Keep refridgerated and call/text for pickup within the hours of 7am -10pm. 

Client & Placenta Specialist Terms & Agreement

  1. I agree to keeping the placenta with best practices to ensure a safe encapsulation.
  2. I understand that although ingesting the placenta has been shown to decrease postpartum depression, it is not guaranteed.
  3. I have fully disclosed any and all sexual transmitted diseases, or contagious diseases to my specialist.
  4. I have fully disclosed any and all medications used in pregnancy.
  5. I will pay the $50 deposit upon signing the contract and in full when services are completed.
  6. I understand upon receiving my capsules, my specialist is no longer liable, including but not limited to any other person(s) ingesting the capsules.
  7. I will not hold my specialist responsible for any transportation mishap (car accident) or detainment from hospital.
  8. I understand the placenta has been handled according to OSHA and WA/OR Food Safety and Handling Standards.
  9. I understand my specialist is not prescribing or giving medical advice.
  10. I waive any and all rights to hold the specialist responsible for any undesired effects from consuming my placenta capsules.